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Update 0.11.0 - No white Terminal

By: Pilot Dave

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Latest Development-Insights

Our development team at virtualFRA has been hard at work preparing the new update for the magnificent Frankfurt International Airport. Let's take a look together at the new add-ons, which were worked on and will be present in the upcoming scenery update!

White Terminal gone

One of the biggest and most apparent changes: The white placeholder Terminal 1, Pier A was modelled. Please be aware that many parts of the Terminal are still WIP and will received major updates later down the road. Check out our new short-term roadmap here.

Winter Wonderland

Temperatures at virtualFRA have approached 0°C, indicating the possibility for snow! Without de-icing facilities pilots and airplanes will not be willing to even think about a departure out of Frankfurt. With the integration of the de-icing facilities around RWY 18 in this upcoming update no pilot should fear anymore taking off and departing safely from virtualFRA!

Although it is getting quite cold, planespotters are still welcomed to capture their planes. The planespotter area at RWY 18 is included aswell in the new update:

RWY 25R/07L

The runway located the furthest from the terminals will be shining as never before. With a complete rework of the lights, elevation data and runway surroundings pilots approaching the runway will have a nice view out of the cockpit. Talking about nice views; After vacating the runways pilots and passengers will be able to view the fully custom made "Feuerwache 4" located at RWY 25R/07L with its training facility:

Lufthansa Technik Hangar

One of more distinctive building at Frankfurt Airport is the Lufthansa Technik hangar. You will find this very unique building in our scenery.

With the release of update 0.11 the developement team is still continuing to deliver what is missing. Day after day virtualFRA is growing and with this information we, as a team, would like to thank everyone who helped, is helping and hopefully will help to build FRA virtually. Happy holidays for everyone and see you in 2023 with more updates to come!

Your virtualFRA Team