Update 0.12.18 - VATSIM Frankfurt Real Flight Ops Update

By: rofl-er

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A small but effective intermediate update

We are glad to announce an exciting update. Version 12.8 has been released just in time for the upcoming VATSIM Frankfurt Real Flight Ops (RFO) event. The update brings with it a range of improvements, including custom jetways, reworked LODs for ground cars, vehicles, luggage and container carts, new taxiway signs, and more.

Custom Jetways

One of the major changes in version 12.8 is the addition of custom jetways to positions A50-A69. These jetways are designed to provide a more realistic and immersive experience, allowing them to simulate (with the proper installed GSX-Profile) the boarding and deboarding process of passengers in a more accurate and lifelike way.

More performance improvements

Another improvement included in this update is the reworking of the LODs for ground cars, vehicles, luggage, and container carts. This change is designed to improve performance, making the experience smoother and more seamless. Additionally, de-icing trucks have been removed, further optimizing the airport for better performance.

Signs all over the place

The addition of several new taxiway signs around the airport is another exciting feature of the update. These signs will help users navigate the airport more easily, reducing the likelihood of getting lost or confused during taxiing.

Disabling static aircraft

For those who prefer a more customizable experience, version 12.8 also includes an option to disable static aircraft. While this requires manually disabling the BGL-file, it provides users with more control over their virtual environment and allows for a more personalized experience. To do so, please navigate to your community folder and rename the following file virtualfra-eddf\scenery\eddf\static-ac\virtualfra-static-aircraft.bgl to virtualfra-static-aircraft.bgl.OFF.

Outlook to Version 13

Version 13 will include even more exciting features. These include an own scenery configurator/installer, the completion of the eastern part of the airport, custom ground markings, and custom jetways at all positions with several correct jetway options. These upcoming features are sure to make VirtualFRA an even more immersive and enjoyable experience for flight simulation enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the update to VirtualFRA's airport to version 12.8 is a significant improvement to an already fantastic virtual airport. With the addition of custom jetways, improved performance, new taxiway signs, and more, this update is sure to delight users and provide a more realistic and immersive experience. And with version 13 on the horizon, there's even more to look forward to!

See you then,

Your team at virtualFRA