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Update 0.13.6 - New installer and optimized performance!

By: Fnni5

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New Installer!

After a long period of work, we can finally announce and release our very own installer application for the virtualFRA project. This is the heart of the scenery where you can maintain and configure your FRA! It is also possible to download our GSX-Profile and the option for Nool VDGS.


We have applied Levels of Detail (LOD) for most of our objects.

Which works like this:

- You are appoaching or departing at FRA at approx. FL70: No need to see every light bulb or container.

- You are standing on a parking position: You want to see every handcrafted detail of FRA!

This method should ensure to not use ressources for details which are not required to display in your view.


About new buildings

For the newest version of our virtualFRA project we have added some fabulous new buildings to improve your experience as a cargo pilot or as a casual VFR simmer doing low approaches at Germanys busiest airport.

While we kept an eye on to improve the fences and security gates all over the airport for your personal safety, we have also ensured to satisfied our cargo pilots as we have started work on the so called "Cargo City North". For this version only the stands with new stand signs, adjusted GSX and improved night lighting were build, but new objects will follow in the next update (more on that later).

As we talk about safety we have also added some important safety relevant buildings such as a NDB shed (Non Directional Beacon) or the BVD (Boden Verkehrs Dienste) building which is used by the movement area supervisors (MASU)

"After every high follows a low" ~ while summer is getting to a peak we have now cared for the darker season of the year and have made several updates to different lights in lightpoles and some buildings such as the fire station- They have to know where their pants are located ;)

Everyone loves this sentence:

"Areee youuu interested in visual approach RWY 25 centaaah?"~ credits to Leo

While Asobo or alternativeley ORBX took care of the city during the approach we ensured that all the east buildings which you will see are now up to date and finished. This not only includes the "Gate Gourmet" kitchen but also "Skytanking" and some FRAPORT repair workshops find their place in the east of the aerodrome.

After you have landed and during turnaround the tremendous ground staff will take care of your needs and will try their best to ensure an on time depature. This requires a lot of energy which can be filled up again in our brand new purple break-containers situated all over the apron. And before you ask: Those purple containers are only for eating your meals and to bring food and water to a safe place underneath the earth ;)

Last but not least we have organized ground traffic as we have placed new Jet-blast fences and traffic signs all over the airport (more to be come). We have also added new trash bins at the gates for the waste of ground staff and fire extinguishers- in case something goes wrong with fuel :(

Objects with Update

While this update brings a lot of new features/buildings we have also maintained old objects and reworked some normal and comp maps for different objects.
This also includes some taxi-line adjustments and new gate positions at Terminal 2 and additionally in the south of the airport.
To give the extra amount of realism we've taken care of the "Frankfurt Airport" logo which is now displayed with the correct font.

A big improvment is the addition of LOD (Level of Detail) to hopefully avoid that you get a diashow on your home pc.
Almost every object received this LOD update with our custom made rules to ensure a smooth transition between details and perfomance.

GSX Update

Also the GSX-Profile received an adjustment and added some new VDGS models for the Foxtrot and Victor stands to improve your ability to park your aircraft on point, just so GSX can say "Bad Parking".


Be ready for the next update which will add fully reworked buildings in the "Cargo City North" but also an enormous update on the pier "B" of the terminal 1. While this object is currently in early stages of modelling we try our best that you will be flashed by the insane level of detail our talented 3D-modeller Tjark (responsable for the pier "B") is putting into the gates where you can depart or arrive with your long or short-haul airliner of your favorite airline.

We hope you have a great time in the simulator exploring all the added and overhauled buildings of our newest version of thevirtualFRA- Frankfurt scenery project.

And keep an eye for further DEV-Blogs to be always up to date.

To see some more DEV-shots or share your sunset shots departing or arriving Frankfurt join our official Discord server which can be found here.

Also feel free to donate to our PayPal if you like our project and want to share some love. We are thankful for every donation.


  • New custom installer downloadable here

++ Changelog 13.6 ++


- Added new custom installer

**New Objects:**

- Security gates 97 and 98 (Cargo City North)
- North cargo stands (Cargo City North)
- Fences between gate 97 and gate 98
- BVD (Movement Area Supervisors) Building between TWY N and M
- NDB lodge at RWY18
- Light poles between V164 and V178
- East buildings 146, 147, 98, and 118 (East buildings are completed now)
- Light poles and stand signs F237, F238, and V266-V270
- Purple break rooms (only for peeing and lunch ;) ) placed over the whole apron
- Jet-Blast fence for BVD Building
- New traffic signs
- New trash bins and fire extinguishers at the gates

**Objects with Update:**

- Fire Truck with compound and normal maps
- Reworked stand signs for Terminal 1 and 2
- FRAPORT logos now have the corrected font
- Adjusted observation platform with street to tunnel RWY18
- LH-Cargo Fence adjusted
- Passenger stairs with compound and normal maps
- Fuel Farm received LODs
- Buildings between TWY N and L received light spots for the night
- LH Technik Hangar and DFS Tower received LODs
- Fire Station 2 received lights
- Fire Station 3 received new normal and compound maps
- V-Stands received lights
- Ground markings gate C15/16 A, B, S
- Multiple LODs for almost all objects

**General Bug Fixing**

- Fences in Northwest and RWY 18 corrected
- Step in mesh at Fire Station 3
- Terminal 3: Taxiway markings
- GSX Profile received new VDGS for new stands and some minor updates (downloadable via GitHub or the new Installer)