virtualFRA is ready for online flying - Update 0.9.0

By: Pilot Dave

Category: New Update

Update 0.9.0

VirtualFRA presents to the flightsimming community its newest and biggest update for Frankfurt International Airport, version 0.9.0. With this highly anticipated update all pilots taking off and landing at EDDF are able to enjoy custom buildings, taxiways and aprons. The most signifcants additions are the Lufthansa Terminal 1 A-Plus extension, many more stands and gates around the airport, especially at terminal 1 and 2, and custom installer for a smooth installation process.

All additions and improvements at FRA can be thoroughly read in the changelog below:

EDDF - Frankfurt Main International [Beta/Experimental]


  • Reworked all Aprons and Taxiways
  • Added TWY P, P1…, N8 Orange/Blue
  • Added DFS Main Tower
  • Added and improved parts of terminal 1
  • Added some miscellaneous buildings and individual objects like towbars etc.
  • Corrected most of the Taxiway issues
  • Added gate/parking stands:
    • A69, A66/A/B, A62/A/B, A58/A/B, A54/A/B, A52, A50, A14, A16, A18, A20, A22, A24, A26, A28, A30, A34, A36, A38, A40
    • V163, V162, V161, V160, V159, V158, V157
  • Added Lufthansa Terminal 1 A-Plus building


  • Stand marking C11 existed twice and has now been corrected to C8
  • Red tone of ground markings changed
  • Fixed RWY25C PAPI Lights
  • Temporary fixed elevation errors by flatten the whole airport

Known Issues/Bugs/missing:

  • Some gateway connections and positions are not correct
  • Not all Buildings/Terminals are build/textured
  • Many gates/parking stands are still missing (coming soon)
  • Many Taxiway signs are missing (here I need help from the community)


  • New name and Logo: “virtualFRA”
  • Simple installer for easier install
  • Website release